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How many Grams in a Cup?

If you are wondering about how many grams in a cup you have come to the right site. 🙂

A cup can have a volume between 227 and 284 milliliters (ml), depending on how it is calibrated.

In addition, how many grams in a cup depends on the substance for which you want to change from volume to mass.

Using the equation m = V * ρ when can convert any volume (v) to the mass (m) in grams.

The density ρ (rho) is different for all materials, and subject to change with temperature and pressure conditions.

Therefore, we must know the exact cup size and the substance’s value for ρ.

The most frequent used cups are as follows:

240 ml = Unites States legal cup
236.5882365 ml = Unites States customary cup
227.3045 ml = Canadian cup
284.131 ml = Imperial cup
250 ml = Metric cup

As explained in detail in our article cups to grams, water measured in g/ml has a density of 1 if the temperature is 4 °C or 39.2 °F and if the pressure is that of sea level.

How many Grams in a Cup of Water

Under this assumptions which are good to use in cooking recipes we get for water:

1 US legal cup = 240 g
1 Metric cup = 250 g
1 US customary cup = 236.5882365 g
1 Canadian cup = 227.3045 g
1 Imperial cup = 284.131 g

How many Grams in a Cup Formula

The general formula for the conversion of cups to grams is:

m = cups * ρ * cup size; ρ in g/ml or g/cm3.

To find out how many grams in a cup you can search for the matter’s density in a search engine and use the equation above.

Or you use our converters below:

Density Unit
Cup Unit

If you don’t know yout density consult our density table in the menu.

Note: the values for these substances are approximations.

Frequent conversions include, for instance:

This brings us to the end about how many grams are in a cup.


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How many Grams in a Cup

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