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On this website we show you everything about changing the mass (m) in g to the volume (V) in cups, a unit of measurement used in cooking to measure both liquids, as well as dry stuff. 🙂

The grams to cups conversion can be made using the formula V = m / ρ with ρ (rho) being the density. Each ingredient has a characteristic density in function of pressure and temperature.


Density Unit
Cup Unit

Luckily, almost all measuring cups are calibrated in weights of common dry ingredients such as flour and sugar as well as in cups. Yet, the unit cup can mean legal, customary, imperial or Canadian cup, depending on where you live or where the piece of plastic has been produced. Naturally, all these cups have a different equivalent in milliliters. Read on below to learn how to convert grams to cups.

Grams to Cups Conversion

To get grams in cups we first have to determine the particular cup under consideration;

US legal cups = 240 ml
Metric cups = 250 ml
US customary cups = 236.5882365 ml
Canadian cups = 227.3045 ml
Imperial cups = 284.131 ml

Measured in g /cm3 ⇔ g/ml, water has a density very close to 1 at sea level and 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit. In cooking, we can therefore assume ρ = 1 and get V = m, that is the volume in milliliters equals the weight in grams.

For water we thus get this grams to cups conversion:

1 US legal cup = 240 g
1 Metric cup = 250 g
1 US customary cup = 236.5882365 g
1 Canadian cup = 227.3045 g
1 Imperial cup = 284.131 g

But what about flour and sugar for example? Generally speaking, we have to know the density of the substance we want to convert from grams into cups, as well as the cup size.

Different kinds or qualities of the same ingredient don’t have the same density. Thus, unless we know the exact density for a substance, we should convert grams into cups using the average value for a range.

As follows from the formula V = m / ρ, Cups = (m / ρ) / cup size. This is equal to

Cups = m / (ρ * Cup size).

For this grams to cups formula, the value for rho (ρ) has to be in grams per cube cm or grams per ml.

For example, to convert 100 g butter to cups used for nutrition labelling in the United States, known as legal cups, we do the following: We search for the density of butter in Google and obtain 0.911 g/cm3 which is equal to 0.911 g/ml. Doing the math:

100 g / (0.911 g/ml * 240 ml) ≈ 0.46 legal cups.

Convert Grams to Cups

To convert grams to cups we recommend you use our calculators instead of the equation. If you are using our converter with ingredients, then keep in mind that the grams to cup results are approximations. If you don’t know which cup you have, the difference between legal and US customary cups is only 1.4 %.

Next are a few more pieces of information useful to convert grams to cup:

Visitors from Canada searching for how many cups in a gram should note that there are cases when plastic cups sold in retail are in fact US cups of 240 ml; the Canadian Cup is not so widely used. These days, the same is true for imperial cups.

If your household is located in a country belonging to the Commonwealth of Nations, chances are that a cup means 250 milliliters called a metric cup. The image below sums it all up.

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