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7 Cups in Grams

What is 7 cups in grams?

It depends on the size of the cup and the substance under consideration.

7 cups to grams is not the same for butter and flour for example.

This because their density ρ (rho), which is also a function of pressure and temperature, is different.

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What is 7 Cups in Grams?

To answer what is seven cups in grams you have to find out which cup size you have.

Usually “cup” in the context of recipes and cooking refers to Unites States legal cup with a capacity of 240 ml.

But there is also the metric cup (250 ml), the Canadian cup (227.3045 ml), the Imperial cup (284.131 ml) as well as the Unites States customary cup which is defined as 236.5882365 milliliters.

We continue our article about 7 cups to grams under the assumption that you know the kind of plastic cup you are using in the kitchen.

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7 Cups to Grams

Once the capacity of the cup has been determined, we can use the formula m = cups * ρ * cup size to figure out how many grams is 7 cups, provided the unit is g/ml or g/cm3.

Water: Next we look at H20:

At sea level, and at 4° C or ≈ 39° Fahrenheit, water has a ρ really close to 1 if measured in g/cm3 ⇔ g/ml. Therefore, with our formula for 7 cups we get the mass m = cups * cup size = 7 * cup size.

Thus, measured in US legal cups 7 cups of water equal 1680 g.

Milk and sugar for example would produce a different result though.

Below you can find 7 cups in grams for ingredients frequently searched on this website:

If you don’t know the density of your substance, then you will likely find it using a search engine. We have calculated 7 cups in grams using an average for ρ.

On the other hand, if you do know the density then the best way to convert seven cups to grams is using our converter a bit further up, too. Just enter the value for rho and select the correct unit.

In any case, the easiest way for the 7 cups to gram conversion is using our calculator. You have to insert the density and the corresponding unit (defaults: 1.000 g/cm3 for water).

Enter 7 in the cups field and decide on the cup capacity; default is the legal cup which by law is used to measure food and related items in the Unites States. After that you automatically obtain 7 cups in grams.


Remember the result of this 7 cups to grams conversion is an approximation only.

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