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2/3 Cup Flour in Grams

What is 2/3 cup flour in grams?

It depends on the kind of flour under consideration.

To change 2/3 cup of flour in grams we should know the density ρ of your flour, which, strictly speaking, is a function of the temperature and pressure conditions.

Here, for use in cooking we assume the ρ of flour to be 0.593 g/cm3.

Should you know the exact density of your flour, then you can get a more accurate result by using our converter below. 🙂


Density Unit
Cup Unit

How many grams of flour in 2/3 cup also depends of the size of your standard measuring cup.

If you have been looking for 2/3 cups flour grams, then you are right here, too.

Read on to find out what is 2/3 cup flour in grams.

How many Grams in 2/3 Cup of Flour?

To determine how many grams in 2/3 cup of flour we must figure out what cup you are using.

A United States legal cup, used in food labeling, has a capacity of 240 ml.

The Imperial cup size is 284.131 milliliter, the metric cup size is 250 ml, and the Canadian cup contains 227.3045 ml.

Finally, the US customary cup is defined as 236.5882365 ml. If you are unsure about the unit of measurement, check your recipe, cookbook or plastic cup.

Once the cup capacity has been found out we can continue with our 2/3 cup flour to grams conversion.

Using the formula m = cups * ρ * cup size with ρ of flour = 0.593 g/ml we get the following result for the mass m in grams.

2/3 cup flour in grams equals:

  • US legal cups 94.88 grams
  • Metric cups 98.83 grams
  • US customary cups 93.53 grams
  • Canadian cups 89.86 grams
  • Imperial cups 112.33 grams

Note that these 2/3 cup flour in grams results are approximations.

If you know the density of your flour you should use our calculator below for an accurate result.

You can, for instance, find the value by consulting a search engine or checking the label of your flour package.

Alternatively, you can try our search function in the sidebar of this page to see if we have already converted 2/3 cup flour to grams for your particular kind of flour.

2/3 Cup of Flour in Grams

To obtain 2/3 cup of flour in grams using our converter enter 2/3 in decimals as cup size. Next, insert the density of your flour, followed by choosing the matching unit.

After that select your cup size; the calculation is then conducted automatically. This will give you the exact mass for 2/3 cups in grams for flour.

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This brings us to the end of 2/3 cup to grams flour.

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